• Poster designed for a Polish Institute in Vienna.
    1st price in contest "Promoting polish culture in Austria"
    1. „in.print.out Grafik in/auswendig“ in Künstlerhaus, Vienna
    2. „PLakAT. Sztuka z efektem”, KoKo gallery
    3. ViseGrafiken+

  • There is over 8 700 000 people starving in the world - it is more that lives in the whole Europe.

  • Poster designed for the convent of architects called "Acupuncture of the city"

  • Poster designed for a "jazz and wine" series of events.

  • International jewellery competition

  • Poster for international symposium of vascular anomalies of head and neck in children.

  • Poster for medical conference

  • Poster promoting creators exclusive rights to their work, says "Original idea is always uniqe. Don't steal someone's work!"
    Prized by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, took the first place in The Patent Office contest.

  • Devil is in the details

  • Poster designed for a "secret party" event.

  • Poster for a theater festival FETA, which takes place in my city - Gdansk